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Wellbeing and coping

Tips for going out and staying connected socially 

Staying connected socially

  • Talk to your family, friends or local services about the ways that you can keep socially active
  • Seek their support if you don’t feel comfortable going alone or need a lift
  • Try to keep doing the things you enjoy where possible
  • Consider new ways to meet people and stay connected, find local services
  • Ask other people with dementia and their family/carers about how they meet people
  • Connect with people with dementia online using forums such as Talking Point
  • Five Ways to Wellbeing in Warwickshire has lots of tips and ideas for ways to improve your wellbeing and build wellbeing into your daily life.

Consider using email and other forms of technology to connect with others. If you are unsure about how to use a computer, ask a family member to help you or Age UK has some tips for 
‘Making the most of the internet’.