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Living well with dementia

This section of the website has been designed and written for people in the early stages of dementia, but may be useful for friends, family, carers and anyone who works with or supports people with dementia.

The information and tools are designed to: 

  • Help you to maintain physical and emotional well-being after a diagnosis of dementia 
  • Provide a positive message that there are things you can do to help you live well with dementia 
  • Provide practical tips to help you to manage the changes in your life 
  • Help you to test out and develop your own ways to live well with dementia 
  • Inform you about services and support that are available to help you.

Now I’ve bought a diary, bought a whiteboard and I use it … It’s little tools you can use to make your life, everybody’s life a little bit better. – Carer of a person with dementia

What is not included? 

This section does not cover information about treatments, medication, care options, financial, legal matters and information specifically for carers.