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Adjusting to your diagnosis of dementia

Tools to help you

Positive log

Practice positive thinking using a positive log. Write down positive things you notice or experience each day. Download the positive log template (PDF, 35KB).

Thoughts and feelings diary

Try using the Thoughts and Feelings Diary (PDF, 33KB) to help you think about things that have happened, how they made you feel and how you might approach things more positively in the future.

Set goals that you can achieve

Achieving goals can help you to feel positive. Consider what you want to do and how you will do it. Download goal setting template (PDF, 101KB).

In one’s life so often you can sort of drift along thinking I must do that and it never happens. So just the idea of putting it in your diary, I’m going to do this by this, and if I succeed then … that was a very good idea about having a reward…. And so that’s something that one can incorporate in one’s life - Person in the early stages of dementia.

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