What is a Local Dementia Action Alliance?

Aiming to provide a dementia friendly environment

A dementia-friendly environment is one where buildings and physical environments do not prevent people with dementia from accessing them e.g. by avoiding cluttered spaces, use of overly shiny floors or lack of appropriate and clear signage to help people navigate their way. Dementia friendly environments will also have positive benefits and enhance accessibility for many other people in the local population.

  • Review your environment by looking at seating, signage and facilities using a checklist to ensure it is as accessible as possible.
  • Find out more about ‘Designing Dementia Friendly Environments’
  • You can use the checklist to review your premises, or if you would like someone to visit your premises to undertake an environments audit, we may be able to help with this. Please contact dementiapartnership@warwickshire.gov.uk if you are interested.