What is a Local Dementia Action Alliance?


Why join?

Once your application has been approved your organisation will have its page listed on the Dementia Action Alliance website.

A list of all the organisations signed up to the DAA in Coventry and Warwickshire can be found under the tab ‘Local Alliances’, ‘West Midlands’, and then ‘Coventry and Warwickshire DAA’.

Recognition as a dementia-friendly organisation could increase business revenue or the number of people using your service.

You will be part of the wider Dementia Action Alliance community giving you access to networks, support and information. You will be part of a Social Movement to bring about change, working with other organisations in partnership and helping to raise community spirit.

How to join

Find out how to join the dementia friendly community - Dementia Action Alliance.

Your local coordinator will then contact you to confirm your membership and invite you to join your local Dementia Action Alliance. You can then take part in Local Dementia Action Alliances by attending meetings held by the group every quarter.