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Listening with your Eyes

Listening with your Eyes is a workshop that helps builds skills of empathy, insight, listening and trust particularly in the arena of Health and Care.

Suitable for all experiences, Listening with your Eyes explores practically the many ways in which we make connections, with the emphasis on the non-verbal. It looks at the impact of body language, mood, eye-contact, touch, and gesture, and shows how tone of voice can change the meaning of the words we say. The workshop offers an opportunity for participants to see the powerful effect of non-verbal techniques, and their benefit in helping us make real and honest connections – particularly with those living with dementia.

The workshop is led in a supportive and playful way - our aim is for everyone to learn through their own discovery; to feel for themselves, to see with their own eyes and so to empathise with others more easily.

Listening with your Eyes has proved invaluable to a wide range of professions for whom connection with the public is central: past participants include care home staff, GPs, nurses, police, family support workers, bereavement counsellors, occupational therapists, CAB advisors, teachers, receptionists and transport drivers.

This workshop is led by Artistic Director,  Rachael Savage, at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon. There are two dates to choose from:

Tuesday, 10th October 2023: 2pm - 4pm
Wednesday, 11th October 2023: 2pm - 4pm

Venue:  The Other Place, 22 Southern Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, CV37 6BH

Cost: £55 + Eventbrite booking fee

For more information or to book a place, please click here.


Published: 3rd July 2023