Should a person with dementia wear a face mask for coronavirus?

Due to coronavirus, many of us now wear face masks or coverings while out shopping or on public transport.

Some people with dementia may not like wearing a face covering, or understand why they should wear one. Read Alzheimer’s Society’s advice on how to help and who may be exempt from wearing a mask.

During the coronavirus pandemic we’ve seen health and social care staff wearing face masks as part of their protective personal equipment (PPE). Face coverings, worn by members of the wider public, are different. They come in many different styles and may be home-made.

The link at the bottom of this page will tell you what you need to know about face coverings and how to support a person with dementia who might struggle with them. Areas covered include:

  • Why should I wear a face mask or face covering?
  • Where can I get a face mask, or how do I make a face covering?
  • What does the UK law say on wearing a face covering?
  • What if a person with dementia won’t wear a face covering?
  • How can I communicate if I have my face covered?

Find out more about face coverings - Alzheimer's Society.

Published: 17th July 2020