Do you have experience of dementia or caring for someone who has?

Could you help us to understand what it’s like to try to access treatment and support services?

We are a team with our own experiences of navigating dementia services and researchers in health, social and community care systems.

As part of a research project, we want to talk to people about their experiences, what problems they have faced and share ideas that could help. From this initial small-scale research project, we plan to develop a funding bid for a more extensive research project, aiming to better understand the experiences of people with dementia in the health system. This research project is funded by Warwick University. 

If you live in either Oxfordshire or Warwickshire, would you like to consider supporting this research, by sharing your “story” and experiences?   

For more information, please click here or email the lead researcher, Dr Rene Wiedner  or call 07387 238 359 

Published: 14th June 2021