Understanding dementia

How does dementia affect someone’s life?

As a result of damage to the brain caused by dementia, the person that you care for may experience problems with:

  • Memory loss, especially short term memory loss and confusion. Over time, the person you care for may entirely lose their ability to recognise their surroundings or those closest to them. They may start to repeat themselves.
  • Interpreting what is going on in the world around them, thinking things through fully and concentrating on tasks
  • Understanding and carrying out instructions
  • Calculating the risks involved in their actions
  • Learning new things and new skills
  • Using critical reasoning and judgement, which previously would have come naturally
  • Mood swings and periods of aggressive behaviour – this can often stem from frustration due to memory loss or no longer being able to do the things that they have in the past
  • Being able to plan ahead and forecast for the future