At this very difficult time when opportunities to enjoy face-to-face activities are limited, Armonico Consort have developed a catalogue of specialised virtual singing workshops to help combat isolation for those living with Dementia. It is well-known that singing can help improve physical and mental well-being and their pre-recorded videos can be enjoyed at leisure, individually or in groups (social distancing guidelines should be followed).

Specialised sessions for those living with Dementia include well known classics from the music hall and wartime eras as well as popular songs from stage and screen. These sessions have a sing-a-long style.

Individuals can sign up to the service by completing a very simple online form which can be found at the following link:

Once you are signed up, you will be sent the full playlist for the catalogue of your choice. Any queries should be directed to Sarah Riddell at or 07587 700740.


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