Read on for more information about possible Carers Seminars from Dementia Adventure:

Dementia Adventure have successfully applied for funding in order to run some Carer Seminars around the UK and we would like to run one in Warwickshire.  The seminars will be free for family carers and we are looking for like-minded partner organisations who currently support people living with dementia and their family carers.

We believe that our ‘Thinking differently about dementia family carers seminars’ enable carers to have a more detailed understanding of the disease, be able to recognise some of the key symptoms that people living with dementia may demonstrate and will assist in the development of key strategies to help both them and the person with dementia to live with these emotional, behavioural and sensory changes.

Our training focuses on delivering a positive message, we use a variety of delivery methods and the use of personal stories to assist people in putting the key messages into context.

We understand that it is essential for family carers to develop a core support network in their local areas to help them to carry on caring for their loved ones to the best of their ability, which is why we have chosen you as a potential partner organisation. We hope that by offering this partnership we can provide the key learning through training and the follow up support through local networks.

Session structure

Thinking Differently about Dementia, the objectives of the seminar:

What is dementia, the pathology in the brain, key symptoms, the importance of a diagnosis, communication strategies, looking at language, perception and the environment, why getting out in nature is important, looking at how we can do this through a sensory approach, discussing local and national networks of support.

Sessions last 3 hours with breaks and include some sensory exercises.

Participation in our seminars is important to us.  We keep the audiences small with 12-25 people on average attending. We aim to create a safe learning environment, supporting carers to feel comfortable enough to share their stories and to learn from each other.

Delegates will receive a delegate pack, containing key information covered on the day and information directing them to local/national support services/networks.

We would like to run one or two sessions in a day.

    • Session one, 1.30pm to 4.40pm.
    • Session two,  5.30pm to 8.30pm.

If possible we would like to run the afternoon session in conjunction with an existing support service, to enable carers who may need support around care for their dependant to attend (with the person with dementia attending the support service/group).   Places for the support service/group are to be booked by the person/carer, if required.

Dementia Adventure will arrange/supply all refreshments.

We would appreciate assistance from our partnership organisation to:

  • Find the right venue
  • Source an appropriate support service/group.
  • Assistance marketing the seminars to the right audience.
  • Attendance at the seminar by 1 or 2 members of staff or volunteers, who would receive free training and delegate pack.
  • Information and literature referencing local support/network organisations.

We would like to start running the seminars in the first quarter of 2017 and would ideally like to have venues/support services in place before the end of December 2016.

Should you feel that this is of interest to your organisation please do not hesitate to contact me on Tel 07531 215918 or by email


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