People who receive social care support have said when they receive good care and support

“I have access to a range of support that helps me live my life“

“I am in control of my support in my own way “

“I have considerate support delivered by competent staff who treat me with dignity, care and compassion.”

To ensure people continue receive good care and support have you heard of ‘See, Hear, Act’ which has been developed by Warwickshire County Council to improve the quality of care in Warwickshire, well if you haven’t its part of their commitment to ensure that the support people receive from social care providers is of the highest quality and sets out how the council will work with social care providers to maintain good practice.

See Hear and Act actually encourages people to report, when they are at or visiting social care settings or in peoples own homes, what their experiences of social care services are, be this positive or negative .This is so that the council has a better understanding of the quality of services across Warwickshire and with your help the Council wants everyone to join together to support care providers to be the best that they can be. By ensuring everyone understands what they can expect from great quality care and support you will be able to see when someone is going the extra mile or if improvements might be needed and we need your feedback!

Knowing more about people’s experiences of social care and support is really important in understanding the quality of services. When a service does better than someone expects people usually talk about it and tend to recommend it. See, Hear, Act hopes to get people talking and promoting good practice even more widely.

For more details of how you can tell us something about residential care or any other adult support service please visit:

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