Musical Teas

Playlist for Life are delighted to announce the return of Musical Teas in 2022 and are encouraging everyone to host a fun and safe event this April 2022.

Bringing people together for a Musical Tea is a great way to connect through music and raise awareness of the power of personal music for people living with dementia.

Ways to get involved

We are encouraging people to host an event that is in accordance with the government's coronavirus guidelines and suite their personal situation. Events can be held in a variety of ways:

  • Over the phone (two people can have a cup of tea and share a memory and tune, or people can use one of our music quizzes and sing the missing lyric/write it down on a piece of paper and compare answers at the end) 
  • At home with family, friends or neighbours 
  • With work colleagues in person or on Zoom. Do you know any local businesses who would like to support the campaign? 
  • By community groups and Help Points 
  • Virtual over Zoom/Skype 
  • In care homes

Please register your interest here.

Please contact Surrinder Bains at or 07476 355893 for further details.

Published: 4th March 2022