Safe and well check

When the data from serious injuries and deaths from fire recorded in the West Midlands, people with Dementia feature in around 25% of such incidents. In many cases these incidents could have been prevented or the risk significantly reduced, by booking a Home Safety Check with their local fire service. 

A large factor in reducing the figures has been that fire and rescue services across the UK offer Home Safety Checks for the most high risk households. This service is free and involves professional fire fighters visiting people in their homes and supporting them to change behaviours that can affect their fire safety, as well as fitting or recommending preventative measures like smoke alarms. 

Warwickshire fire and rescue service (WFRS) have for a number of years carried out home fire safety checks for residents of Warwickshire. During the home fire safety check residents are offered advice on how to prevent fires and what action to take in the event of a fire also included in the check is the supply and fitting of smoke alarms where appropriate. 

Currently WFRS are piloting an enhanced safe & well check which will replace the well established home fire safety check. The safe and well check will still include all of the fire safety advice previously offered but will also include advice on other areas of health and well being which impact on the NHS and social care services. 

The additional information offered in the safe and well check will include advice on trips/slips & falls, smoking cessation, home security and winter warmth. 

WFRS hope to launch the new safe and well check before the end of the year and that Warwickshire residents will soon start benefiting from the enhanced service.

Published: 2nd September 2016