The Dementia Friendly Communities programme focuses on improving inclusion and quality of life for people with dementia. This is a national initiative developed by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Being dementia friendly is about being aware of the impact that dementia may have on a person and their life, and how this might affect their behaviour and ability to undertake everyday tasks. It is about organisations, communities and individuals enabling people with dementia to continue living a good life by making them feel supported, welcomed and encouraged about accessing their local community.

To enable people who work in front-line community services, health and social care organisations, to understand dementia better, Warwickshire County Council and Public Health Warwickshire developed FREE half day workshops focused around Dementia Awareness and Dementia Friendly Communities. Example ‘target groups’ for these workshops include staff who are likely to come into contact with people living with dementia or their carers as part of their day to day service provision, i.e. those working in general practices, pharmacies, libraries, leisure centres, environmental health and housing officers, etc.

Sessions also contribute to enhancing the skills of frontline workers in Making Every Contact Count.

Places for the workshops can be booked via the Warwickshire Interactive Learning Management System (WILMa):
• To locate the page for these workshops you will need to search for NS403
• If you do not have a WILMa account you will need to register on the website with your work email address.
• You will then receive two emails – one with your username and another with your temporary password. There may be a short delay before both arrive, so please be patient.
• You will then log in to WILMa using your username and password.
• You will then need to to search for NS403 which is the Dementia Awareness – Dementia Friendly Communities page
• By clicking on the link (name of the workshops) you will be taken through to the page where there is more information about the workshops.
• If you scroll down you will see a list of dates, venues and times.
• By clicking on the date you prefer you will be taken through to a page where you can make your booking.
• You will then receive an email confirming that you have been allocated a place.

Participants are required to undertake the SCIE Open Dementia Programme prior to attending the workshop. This is made up of seven modules which should take approximately 10 minutes each to complete. These are also available via WILMa.

If you have any questions, or would like more more information on the target groups, aims of the workshops, learning outcomes and dates/venues for the workshops, please contact:


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