A report has been published, providing an overview of the engagement activities that have taken place between the 11th of February and the 22nd of March 2019 with people with dementia, their families and carers as well as the general public and professionals across Warwickshire.

The purpose of this engagement exercise was to understand what is important to people and what needs to improve in relation to dementia care and support in Warwickshire. This feedback will be used to help re-fresh Warwickshire’s current Dementia Strategy ‘Living Well with Dementia in Warwickshire 2016-2019’ and will help inform the future commissioning of dementia services as both the Dementia Navigator Service, and Dementia Day Opportunities services, are required to be recommissioned by the 1st of April 2020. View the Dementia engagement report here or click on the image below.

Dementia engagement report V.1 1

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