Events were held at all three Extra Care Housing sites; Tithe Lodge; Queensway Court and Briar Croft.

Working together with the Orbit Managers, Activity Coordinators and the Unique Senior Care Team at each site, we held three very successful events.

Our aim was to provide opportunities for residents, their families and the public to participate in enjoyable activities that would help to raise awareness and tolerance of dementia in Extra Care Housing and the local communities, whilst raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Alongside tombolas; cake stalls; competitions; quizzes; music sessions and line dancing there was a: Dementia Awareness Stand with information about: Extra Care Housing Memory Support Service; Warwickshire County Council’s Living Well with Dementia portal and leaflets; carer support organisations; information on activities, travel and holidays for those with dementia and Assistive Technology Stands (provided by Orbit and Stratford District Council).

A local artist provided workshops at all three sites where people with and without dementia participated side by side in producing art work that created feelings of pleasure and achievement:

One resident looked at a piece of art work she had just completed and said;

“That’s lovely. Who did that?”
The surprise and pleasure on her face when she was told that she had made it, was wonderful.
After completing her art work another resident said.

“It makes me feel all warm inside, not hot but warm”
Her husband, who is her constant companion was able to spend time sitting and chatting with another resident.

One of the Unique Senior Staff team who has been trained in Reminiscence Therapy held a session at all three sites – again attended by those with and without dementia.

A ‘School Days Trigger box’; gramophone record player and LP’s were borrowed from WRAP through their ‘borrowing service’ and ‘old fashioned’ sweets were purchased and used along with old style advertisements to prompt discussion and to stimulate memories.

Staff employed by Orbit and Unique Senior Care supported the events, organising events and running stands.

CaterPlus provided 2 beautiful cakes to celebrate the events.

On average 40 people attended at each site. These were mainly residents but also included members of the public.

Two residents referred themselves to the service at the event.

Information relating to the Memory Support Service, Carers Trust; Silverline and The dementia guide (Alzheimer’s Society) were the main literature taken by those attending.

At the end of a very successful week over £700 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Society with the support and generosity of the residents living in Extra Care Housing .

For more information about the Memory Support service provided at Tithe Lodge; Queensway Court and Briar Croft Extra Care Housing schemes please contact; Joy Coates.

Telephone: 01789 20 40 40


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