Care Fit for VIPS is a free, online development toolkit for managers of care homes.

Built on the VIPS Framework developed by Professor Dawn Brooker at the University of Worcester’s Association for Dementia Studies, it gives care homes the tools to develop person centred care for people with dementia. We were originally commissioned to provide a paper-based toolkit, but with the support of care home managers, family carers, Care Quality Commission, the commissioner and others, it evolved into an online toolkit, which was able to guide people confidently to the wealth of online resources, while sorting the wheat from the chaff.

There are three elements to the toolkit:

A self-assessment tool

This enables users to think about and review how person-centred their care is currently:

A resource directory

This links to free and paid-for resources online from across the world:

An online improvement cycle

This aims to give care homes a way of planning, recording and following through on their improvements:

Each tool has been welcomed by care homes, and we’re also delighted that people are finding it user-friendly and easy to access.   Here are some comments from Care Home Managers:

‘Will make information searching so much easier – Thank You!’

‘Lost track of time and spent all afternoon using it!’

‘Very easy to understand’.


This autumn and winter, we’re putting on briefing sessions around the region for care homes – including around 25 half-day sessions for those in Coventry and Warwickshire – to encourage even more homes to discover how easy and exciting it can be to move towards person-centred care.

To book a place on the care home briefing sessions call:

Coventry: Lynn Bassett (02476 785358)

Warwickshire: David Williams (01926 746950)

You can follow Care Fit for VIPS on Twitter

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