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Making Stratford-upon-Avon a Dementia Friendly Town

Join us at Stratford-upon-Avon Town Hall on Monday 2nd March 2020 for an information event hosted by Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council, Stratford-upon-Avon District Council and Warwickshire County Council.

Come along between 10:30am – 1:30pm and find out more about how Stratford-upon-Avon is working to become Dementia Friendly and share your views on how you think the town could be more Dementia Friendly.

For more information see the poster below or contact Marie Darwen on 01789 260108 or email marie.darwen@stratford-dc.gov.uk

Dementia Event Poster FEB20


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Dementia Support Warwick District and Environs

Dementia Support Warwick District and Environs

5th September 2019, 10.30am – 3.00pm

Dormer Place Conference Centre, Dormer Place, Leamington Spa, CV32 5AA

Our 2nd Annual FREE event for those living with dementia, primary carers, family & friends, plus volunteers running local dementia support groups.

Come and meet therapy pets and enjoy a variety of taster sessions led by local dementia care groups and support services

Share your ideas and experiences with others in a similar role and meet the range of Health & Social Care professionals and local service providers.

Find out who the key agencies are and what support is available to you in and around Warwick District.

Free Entry, Free Refreshments and rolling buffet lunch. Come for the whole event or just drop in for a while

Please make a note of the date and share with other carers & families

Look out for final details and agenda in local press!

For more information please Tel. 078 6769 8073

Click here to view the event poster

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Findings from Dementia engagement activities published

A report has been published, providing an overview of the engagement activities that have taken place between the 11th of February and the 22nd of March 2019 with people with dementia, their families and carers as well as the general public and professionals across Warwickshire.

The purpose of this engagement exercise was to understand what is important to people and what needs to improve in relation to dementia care and support in Warwickshire. This feedback will be used to help re-fresh Warwickshire’s current Dementia Strategy ‘Living Well with Dementia in Warwickshire 2016-2019’ and will help inform the future commissioning of dementia services as both the Dementia Navigator Service, and Dementia Day Opportunities services, are required to be recommissioned by the 1st of April 2020. View the Dementia engagement report here or click on the image below.

Dementia engagement report V.1 1

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Carers Week Pamper Day at Anya Court

In recognition of Carers Week we are holding an event for unpaid carers in our local community here at Anya Court, Rugby, for some ‘Me Time’

On Saturday 15th June from 10am – 3.30pm and they will have the opportunity to enjoy:


  • Pampering sessions with our therapists
  • Shana from Tropic will doing makeovers
  • Mini NHS Health Checks
  • Carers Trust Signposting Station full of useful advice

As always there will be ample supply of teas, coffees and homemade cakes and

we will finish the day with a performance in the Juke Box Café from ‘Phill & Dave’


These sessions are FREE but in order to get the full benefits of the pampering we ask that they pre-book a timeslot

By calling Karen on 01788 811976 or emailing karen.handley@hallmarkcarehomes.co.uk

Please feel free to share this invitation with any unpaid carer you feel deserves some pamper time.

anya court pamper day

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Are you looking after a loved one living with dementia?

Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Project (WRAP) are running our next FREE OF CHARGE LAALO (‘Looking After a Loved One’ living with dementia) programme aimed at those caring for someone who has dementia commencing on Thursday, 6 June 2019 at Briar Croft, Alcester Road, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 6PH.
The programme runs every Thursday morning from 10.00 am to 12.00 midday for a period of six weeks’ with each session looking at a different topic from, ‘What is dementia?’ through to, ‘How to look after yourself as a carer’.
We also have relevant visiting professionals such as Mental Health Nurses, a Social Worker, a Solicitor, a Dementia Navigator, a Care Provider, etc, who can explain their roles and answer any questions.
However, we feel the main benefit of our programme is that participants have the opportunity to meet with others in a similar situation to discuss their issues, worries and concerns and support each other.  If potential participants are struggling to find someone to look after their loved one for the duration of the programme, we can offer day care for a small charge at the same premises.
Session 1 – Thursday, 6 June 2019
Session 2 – Thursday, 13 June 2019
Session 3 – Thursday, 20 June 2019
Session 4 – Thursday, 27 June 2019
Session 5 – Thursday, 4 July 2019
Session 6 – Thursday, 11 July 2019
For more information:
Tel – 01789 261 061
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Have your say on care homes in Warwickshire

Do you work in – or with – a residential care home in Warwickshire?  Do you have a family member or friend who lives in a residential care home?  If so, we’d like to hear from you!

The purpose of our Accommodation With Support Services review is to establish if the care home services provided in Warwickshire are meeting residents’ needs, are safe and effective, and whether people supported have a good experience of care received.

We are seeking the views of people that are currently residents of Warwickshire care homes as well as those of their families, carers, professionals working with care homes and any general member of the public who wishes to feedback on how Accommodation With Support Services are provided currently, and what we could do to improve these services going forward.

You can access the Accommodation With Support Survey at:


Please note this survey closes on Wednesday 26 June 2019 so if you want to have your say then please do so as soon as you can.

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Fitter Futures – Physical Activity on Referral for people living with dementia

Being physically active can help to maintain independence and improve wellbeing at all stages of dementia. The benefits of physical activity may include:

  • keeping your independence
  • improved strength and mobility
  • helping to keep bones strong
  • reducing the risk of falls
  • reducing feelings of isolation
  • increased confidence
  • improved mood and sense of wellbeing

If you have a diagnosis of dementia (in the early-mid stage) you can benefit from the Fitter Futures Physical Activity/ Healthy Lifestyles on Referral Service. The service offers a 12 week programme of physical activity at various leisure centre venues across Warwickshire. You will be supported by a Physical Activity Specialist who will develop a training programme for you and offer support and encouragement to help you become more active. There is a cost to the programme which is discounted where possible. You can come along to sessions by yourself or with a carer. Carers may also be able to participate – please ask the person who refers you for more details.

Dementia Fitter Futures

The benefits of participating in the programme in Warwickshire have been kindly shared with us:

“My Dad was living with Alzheimer’s, however he wasn’t interested in attending any of the Dementia Specific Services available to him.  He was starting to disengage with his usual activities and was spending more and more time at home. He had always loved to keep fit, however, he had to stop taking part in his regular circuit class as he was finding it increasingly difficult to follow the class,  he had lost a lot of his confidence in terms of communicating with people and was becoming increasingly anxious, especially in new or unfamiliar situations. It was suggested he be referred onto the Fitter Futures Physical Activity on Referral programme.

Dad chose to take part in the programme at Castle Farm Recreation Centre in Kenilworth, as it was a centre he was familiar with and it was close to his home.  The Exercise Referral Instructors, who put Dad’s programme together were amazing. It wasn’t always easy to communicate with Dad as he didn’t really speak much.  Some people would find this awkward however, the instructors weren’t phased by this. They had a great awareness of Alzheimer’s and took time to understand what this meant for Dad.  They treated Dad with respect and put together a gym programme specifically for him, appropriate to his needs and level of fitness. Either myself or my mum were able to go along to the sessions to help him work through the programme, which also helped him feel more comfortable and confident to attend his weekly sessions.

Dad attended the sessions twice a week, he really enjoyed his sessions whilst increasing his physical fitness which meant that he was able to stay mobile for longer and was less at risk of falls as well as other health conditions.  I would definitely recommend Fitter Futures for people with dementia, our only regret is that Dad wasn’t referred earlier on, when he was first diagnosed.”

For more information about the Physical Activity/ Healthy Lifestyles on Referral Service please contact Fitter Futures Warwickshire: fitterfutures@warwickshire.gov.uk

Telephone: 01926 351077 or visit the website: www.fitterfutureswarwickshire.co.uk

Please ask your GP practice, pharmacy, healthcare or social care professional to refer you to the service.

For more information about dementia and services and support in Warwickshire, please visit Warwickshire’s Living Well with Dementia website: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/dementia

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Take action to help raise awareness during Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week runs from 20-26 May and Warwickshire County Council are using the opportunity to raise awareness of dementia and how to spot the early signs.

Everybody forgets things from time to time and many people find that their memory becomes less reliable as they get older. Stress, anxiety, depression, certain physical illnesses, infections and vitamin and thyroid deficiencies are just a few of the things that can make memory worse. However, if your memory is getting noticeably worse, or affecting everyday life, please book an appointment with your GP as it may be a sign of dementia, and help, support and treatment is available.

Helen King, Interim Director of Public Health at Warwickshire County Council said:

“During Dementia Action Week, we want to encourage people who may be experiencing issues with their memory to seek help and visit their GP. Seeking early help and diagnosis is important as there may be support or treatment available that can help to improve symptoms and slow down the effects of dementia. Your GP will be able to talk to you about your concerns and may refer you on for further assessment to obtain a more certain diagnosis.”

There are many benefits to receiving an early diagnosis; it can help you and your family to understand your symptoms and help you to make plans for, and choices about your future. Some of the main benefits of an early diagnosis include:

  1. An explanation for symptoms that may have been worrying you or your family
  2. Access to treatments that can improve symptoms and slow down the effects of the disease. Treatments are usually more effective the earlier they are started.
  3. Access to advice and support. Individuals diagnosed early in the disease process can take advantage of early-stage support groups and learn tips and strategies to better manage and cope with the symptoms of the disease.
  4. Time to prepare for the future and plan ahead. An earlier diagnosis enables the person to participate in their own legal, financial, and long-term care planning and to make their wishes known to family members. It also allows the person the opportunity to prioritise how they spend their time – focusing on what matters most to them – perhaps completing life goals such as travel, recording family history, completing projects, or making memories with grandchildren while they still can.

Helen King added, “In Warwickshire, there are many sources of support and services for people who are seeking a diagnosis of dementia, who have been referred for a diagnosis or who are living with dementia”.

There are three key routes to finding out about services in your local area:

1. Warwickshire’s  Dementia Navigator service.

Access to support from a dementia navigator who can provide a range of support as well as information on all of the local services in your area.

Tel: 01926 888899 Email: southwarks@alzheimers.org.uk

2. Warwickshire’s Living Well with Dementia Website

A resource with a range of information about dementia, a map of services at district and borough level with details of all of the services in the area: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/dementia

3. Information booklets available at district and borough council level.

For Northern Warwickshire contact: northernareateam@warwickshire.gov.uk

For Rugby contact: rugby@warwickshire.gov.uk

For South Warwickshire contact: southernareateam@warwickshire.gov.uk

An additional source of support for those living with or caring for someone with dementia is Dementia Friends. A Dementia Friend is a volunteer who has taken the time to learn more about what dementia is, how it affects people and the small things that can make a difference to the lives of people with dementia. Warwickshire now has over 25,000 Dementia Friends. If you would like to become a Dementia Friend, please visit www.dementiafriends.org.uk

Further details about services, support and living well with dementia can be found on Warwickshire’s Living Well with Dementia website, www.warwickshire.gov.uk/dementia or by emailing: dementiapartnership@warwickshire.gov.uk

For more information if you have worries about your memory, visit the Alzheimer’s Society website:


Find out more about the benefits of early diagnosis,


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Dementia Support in South Warwickshire

If you facilitate and/or Volunteer at a support group in the area, then this free network event including refreshments is for you!

Thursday 23rd May

With ever increasing numbers of adults in the UK living with a dementia diagnosis, Warwick District’s Dementia Support Groups provide a great resource for them, their carers and families.

The Warwick District Support for Dementia Network is keen to offer the people behind these support groups – the leaders, volunteers and activity facilitators- the chance to get together again to develop skills, share experience and good practice, identify shared challenges, and importantly, to recognise the great and vital work you all contribute within our communities.

We will be holding this free event at St. Michael’s Church Centre, Church Lane, Budbrooke, Warwick CV 35 8QL on Thursday 23rd. MAY 2019, from 13.00 to 3.15pm and would like to invite all those involved in delivering sessions to please come and participate.


13:00 – Registration

13:10 – Welcome

13:15 – Updating knowledge:

  • Year of Wellbeing – Focus on Volunteers
  • Safegaurding update and refresher
  • Arc CIC/Foundry Wood & EcoTherapy
  • County Dementia news & planned events
  • Planned carers’ event – September 5th 2019

14:15 – Question and answer session

  • An opportunity for questions, an interactive session led by Tony Britton

14:30 – Refreshments and networking

  • Mix & talk with other volunteers, group leaders and specialists

15:15 – Close


For further information, please contact Gill Jones on 01926 477512, or email gjones@wcava.org.uk


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